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Emotions Webcam Use

R. Mirshahi


  • This program will ask for your permission to access the webcam. When you allow this, you will see your webcam feed and can click the button to grab an image from the webcam and move it anywhere. Follow these steps:
    Keep clicking the "happy" face until you get the desired emotion. Click the capture button to take a picture from your webcam. Drag the picture onto the rectangle next to the face. Click the pen and start writing.

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

  • There are 10 facial expressions representing different emotions. As you click the "happy face", you will see these emotions one at a time. Choose one emotion to write about. Try to show the same emotion on your face. Take a picture of your face (see webcam). Drag this picture inside the rectangle. For example, if you choose excited as your emotion, try to think of one thing that makes you feel that way. Write about it.

Special Features:

  • webcam input
  • full screen
  • print (automatically set to print on one sheet in landscape)
  • annotation
  • emoticons button showing 10 different emotions

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