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Fraction and Probability (Pick a Marble)

© R. Mirshahi

A sample worksheet (4 pages):


  • Click Start! This program generates 10 random questions and each time a different test is generated. It can be used interactively right on the computer. Students can show their thinking and write their answers and click the "eye" button to reveal the answer and correct their own mistakes. Teachers can use this program to teach fraction and probability concepts and observe and provide feedback to students while they are thinking. You can also print the activity as a worksheet or a quiz. Students have to determine fractions of each set of marbles that is blue (not black).

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

This program is great for teaching the concept of fraction of a set and how this is related to probability.
  • For example, you can design a probability experiment by putting different marbles in a bag, mix the marbles in the bag and draw one without looking. If you have 3 blue and 7 black marbles in the bag, here are the probabilities:

Blue 3 in 10
Black 7 in 10

You would argue that it is less likely for you to draw a blue marble than black. You can design experiments where students try to estimate the number of marbles of each colour by looking at the results of several random draws.

Special Features:

  • full screen
  • annotation
  • answer sheet
  • printable
  • random questions
  • ideal for interactive whiteboards

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