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Fractions with Pizza

© R. Mirshahi

Printable Worksheet/Test


  • Use the buttons to go to the fraction activities. Serve yourself one or a few slices of pizza. Drag and drop the slices onto your plate. What fraction of the whole pizza is this? The slices you click become available to work with when you click Blank Page.

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

  • Study fractions. Make and compare different fractions with the same or different denominators.
  • Drag and drop the slices on the plate. The program keeps your slices on the plate until you reset. Click a button at the bottom of the screen to compare your fraction with another fraction with a different denominator.
  • Study equivalent fractions (e.g., 1/2 = 2/4 = 3/6 , etc.)
  • Press reset to restart.

Special Features:

  • Full screen
  • attractive graphics
  • Great for interactive whiteboards

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