Human Body

Respiratory System

Please be patient and wait for the interactive 3D model to load. Links to other 3D models are provided for you below. You will need the latest browser (e.g., Chrome), high speed internet and a modern computer to use models effectively. This is just an example. You can create models of any system or organ and share them with your students (e.g., embed it on your wiki as a reference for student projects).

More 3D Models, Articles and Videos to explore:
Students can make any model of any individual or combinations of organs or systems and share it with others. After making your model you can even decide the magnification or viewing angle of the model when it opens. Viewers can manipulate the 3D models.

Click Links to load interactive models.

Nervous System <<< --- 3D Model

Brain <<< --- 3D Model


Cardiovascular System <<< --- 3D Model

Heart <<< --- 3D Model



Muscular System <<< --- 3D Model


Skeletal System <<< --- 3D Model


Digestive System <<< --- 3D Model


Urinary System & Reproductive System (Female) <<< --- 3D Model

Urinary System & Reproductive System (Male) <<< --- 3D Model



  • You can go full screen. Use keys on the keyboard (Z=Zoom in, X=Zoom out, Arrows, etc.). Double-click on a region to zoom in on the part and see the name and hear the pronunciation. Visit BioDigital website to find an entire web-based 3D human body. This app is designed to help people better understand their body and their health - all freely accessible online.
  • You can isolate any system or organ to study

BioDigital Human 2.0: Explore the Human Body in 3D!

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

  • You can use this resource to teach any grade level.

Special Features:

  • 3D models that are interactive (You can switch to full screen)
  • learn about related health issues
  • articles
  • videos
  • Interactive
  • much more!

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  • Have student make models for their own review or for tests. They could easily make models for a simple labelling quiz or a more open-ended question involving functions of different organs and diseases associated with them. Open a 3D model, take a screenshot of the model, and use a free program like Skitch to crop and label the picture.

Labelling Activities

Labelling Example 1a (Muscular System)
Labelling Example 1b (Muscular System)

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