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This is a math game and in the full version, the math in the higher levels become more complex, but all the time it will feel like a game instead of a math practice.

Use the arrows on your keyboard to move the lizard in search of the pyramid. Avoid the prisms and run away from the geodesic spheres. Notice that the lizard is programmed to always face the pyramid no matter where you move it.
The background beat is made in Aviary .

Game Design

Level 1: easy

Game Design (level 2)

This level 2 game is a bit more difficult to win. When you hit the prisms, you will encounter more prisms that you have to avoid.


This is a racing game. On the first screen click the tiles to build your racetrack. The track has to be a loop because you have to do 10 laps. Choose the colour of car by clicking it. Move the checker checkpoints at the start and midpoint of your track placing them across the track for the car to go over. Click play. On the next screen draw lines around the tracks to block the car from getting off track. Leave a bit of space around the tracks especially around the corners. Use the arrows on the keyboard to start racing. You need to do 10 laps.