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Line Maker-Linear Measurement

© R. Mirshahi


  • Click the line maker button to make new lines of random lengths. You will see that the line is labeled with its length in cm and mm. You can hide the length by clicking the "eye" and click the ruler button to measure the length of the line and check your answers (test yourself). Click the eye again to reveal the answers.

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

  • This is a good resource for practising linear measurement in cm and mm
  • Please note that the measurement by the ruler may vary by about 1 mm

As you click the reset button, the Main Activities Resource is loaded here. If you are looking for details and specific instructions and lesson ideas about the other activities, you need to go to the pages where these resources are housed.
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  2. Rectangle Maker
  3. Triangle Maker
  4. Draw and Measure Lines and Angles
  5. Linear Measurement Test 20 Questions

Special Features:

  • random line maker
  • automatic measurements of lines in cm and mm
  • ability to hide lengths
  • ability to annotate
  • interactive ruler
  • full screen

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