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Magic Sums Puzzles

1. Magic Sums Practice

Use the following resource for practice.

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2. Magic Sums Test

After practising and mastering the Magic Sums puzzles, test your skills below.

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1. Practice: Click Start to play. Choose difficulty level. Each time you click a level a new magic sum puzzle is loaded. This program generates billions of different puzzles. Just click any of the 4 difficulty level buttons to load a new puzzle. Use the pencil tool to show your strategies. Click the "eye" to reveal the answers. Are your answers correct? Click the appropriate difficulty level again and again to load a new puzzle. Start with level 1 games first and after you master each level, go to the next level.
Some of the 9 numbers on the puzzle are missing. Find these missing numbers.
The sum of all 3 numbers in each row is found to the right.
If you add the 3 numbers in each column you will get the sum at the bottom.
Also diagonally, numbers add up to the totals on the top and bottom right.

2.Test: Some numbers are hidden under shapes. For each question, you are expected to find the number hidden under one of these shapes only. Find the fastest and most efficient way of solving each puzzle. Easy questions are worth 1 point and if you make a mistake it will cost you only 1 point. Medium questions are worth 2 points and mistakes here will cost you 2 points. Hard questions are worth 3 points each and making a mistake in this level will also cost you 3 points. The hardest questions are worth 4 points each and any errors here will deduct 4 points from your score. You can change your level at any time during the game. You can also skip as many questions as you want by clicking a level button without losing points.

Here are some worksheets with solutions that you can print and use in your class.

  • 4-page worksheet (50 marks), 4 levels (same style as the practice game above). This resource can be given as practice or test. You may allow some students to use a calculator so that they can focus on the strategies. Ask the students to make their own puzzles to give to other students to solve.

  • 4-page worksheet, 2 levels (easy and medium) with answers A

  • 4-page worksheet, 2 levels (easy and medium) with answers B (Marks/38)

  • 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 puzzles with instructions and solutions

Missing Numbers:
Level 1: Numbers are mostly between 0 and 5
Level 2: Numbers are mostly between 0 and 10
Level 3: Numbers are mostly between 1 and 15
Level 4: Numbers are mostly between 1 and 20

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

  • This game is very effective when introducing algebra to young students. There are many valuable skills students learn by doing these activities. Solution of these puzzles involve multiple steps and there are often several different ways you can solve each puzzle depending on which number you choose to find first. This promotes divergent thinking in problem-solving and as a result you break away from just the simple recall of addition facts. In the Test resource, students have to find only one of the hidden numbers per question. Different shapes represent these hidden numbers. Students need to find the fastest way to find the solution by considering all the sums and choosing the simplest method that requires the fewest number of steps.

Special Features:

  • full screen to expand workspace and minimize distraction
  • time stamp and clock to track time spent on the puzzle (Practice Game) and timer for the Test
  • random puzzle maker with 4 differentiated levels (billions of different puzzles!)
  • ability to reveal answers for students to check their answers for instant feedback and self-assessment (Practice Game)
  • Scoreboard for the Test
  • ability to pass as many questions as you want without losing points
  • ability to annotate right on the page to show strategies
  • works very well with Interactive Whiteboards
  • sample PDF worksheets included

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