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Matching Pairs Memory Game

This is a great matching game for boosting your memory and having fun at the same time. This game includes different graphics, animations, sound/music as well as high frequency word recognition to improve early reading skills. Thanks to all of those who have given feedback, which has been extremely positive!
Also check Matching High Frequency Words page for a collection of 14 different matching activities as well as the details for how to use the resource. Pronunciations were added to all the high frequency words, shapes, colours, fruits and numbers. Stay tuned as more activities will be added in the near future. Appropriate for any age or ability level!!!

This game uses Flash codes developed by William Warby. The stopwatch code has been developed by Mike Gieson. All card graphics and animations are original creations by R. Mirshahi. The rest of the codes are also developed by R. Mirshahi.


  • Choose your activity from the main page. Click the Start button to begin the game or reset at any time. The pause button pauses the timer so that you can take a break if you have to. Behind the cards, there are 12 pairs of matching numbers (1-12), fruits, shapes, animations, sounds, etc. Match them in the fewest number of flips. Go back to the main page to choose a different game. More games will be added in the future. Most activities are now supported with pronunciations for young users and for those who may need the auditory support. The music match game encourages the students to listen carefully to the short music clips and try to match them. Wait for the sound to finish playing before you flip another card. For this activity students have to rely on auditory cues alone.

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

  • This is good for boosting memory and recognition of numbers, shapes, etc. This game will be expanded to include matching other objects. For example, it can be used for other purposes such as speech and language development, math skills, etc. This game can also be used for mapping. Ask the students to make a grid that they fill out as they flip the card and turn this game into a game of pure chance as well as understanding grid coordinates on a simple map. You can use the grid below:

Special Features:

  • full screen
  • stopwatch
  • flip count
  • choose from different matching games activities
  • works very well with Interactive Whiteboards and Flash enabled tablets

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