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Measurement: Lines and Angles

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  • Draw lines and connect them to make angles and shapes and use an interactive ruler and protractor to practise your measurement skills. The button for ruler and protractor will turn these tools on and off (toggled). Label your lines, angles, and shapes.

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

  • This resource can be used to practise linear measurement skills and investigate properties of shapes and angles.

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  1. Angle Maker
  2. Line Maker
  3. Rectangle Maker
  4. Triangle Maker
  5. Linear Measurement Test 20 Questions

Special Features:

  • When you move the ruler or protractor, they automatically reposition to align the zero point or the base point to the mouse pointer. This makes it easier and faster to align the ruler or protractor properly for measuring the lines or angles. Use the turn button to turn these tools as needed.
  • Draw automatically measured line segments in both cm and mm. This works like a measuring tape.

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