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Mental Math Worksheets

Geometry (6 worksheets)

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Place Value (2 worksheets)

Time (2 worksheets)

Money : Canadian Coins (2 worksheets)

Fraction, Area, Probability, Worksheets: 4 worksheets

Blank Worksheets: 2 worksheets

Square and Dot Grid Paper: 8 grids

More will be added in the near future!

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Instructions and Suggested Lessons or Activities:

These mental math sheets are designed to be versatile. They are a quick and effective way of reviewing math concepts and strategies.

Place Value Worksheets

One of the resources (two sheets) deal with place value. Students are expected to put the answer on the place value chart.For example you would ask a question like this:-Biggest 2-digit number-Sum of any 2 or more numbers-Difference, Product, ...-Patterning: 45, 55, 65, 75, (put the next number on the place value chart)-a 3 digit odd number-a multiple of 5 between 82 and 89

The blank column can be used for any question such as:What is the value of 2 in 25?The reason I put the blank columns in was to make the sheet look less busy and confusing.

Geometry Worksheets

6 worksheets are about reinforcing recognition of shapes and solids as well as other skills. On Day 3, there is a special picture that can be theme based and it is a bonus question (2 points)! Questions are asked in random. For example, you would say: "Put your finger on the Octagon", pose your question and continue: "put your answer on the Octagon". I scan across the room and find who is not sure and help them at the beginning. It is important that the questions focus on one or two skills at a time.
  • For example you can ask the students the following:
  • -break a 2D shape into smaller shapes (divide the hexagon into 3 rhombuses, divide a triangle into a trapezoid and a smaller triangle, divide a rhombus into 2 congruent parallelograms, etc.)
  • -state the properties of shapes and solids (how many faces does a cube have? How many edges does a pentagonal prism have?)
  • -do all kinds of operations (if you want to build 5 cubes with straws, how many straws do you need? 5x12=60)
  • -spell a word (Spell the name of the shape. If you write the word circle 5 times, how many letters do you need? What three-letter word do you find in the word "square"?)
  • -if there are 2 trapezoids for the same day, students need to distinguish one from the other. For example, you would say, " Put your finger on the right-angle trapezoid", as opposed to the symmetrical trapezoid.

Also you can focus on one theme. If you are studying butterflies. You could ask:
-how many wings (or legs, compound eyes, ...) do 4 butterflies have?

Time Worksheets

2 worksheets deal with time. Students are asked to write the time. You can use a manipulative clock to show the students a specific time. You can ask, "What time does this clock show? What time will it be after 15 minutes? What was 15 minutes before this time?" For the questions where you see the face of the clock only, you can give students a time (12:25) and ask the students to draw the clock hands to show the time.

Money Worksheets (Canadian Coins)

2 worksheets deal with money. Most questions can be completely open-ended. Where you see a picture of a coin, you can ask:-If you start with a loonie ($1) and spend 12 cents, how much money will you end up with? -spell the name of the coin (quarter, nickel, etc.)-How much is 8 quarters?

Probability and Fraction Worksheets (4 worksheets)

You can ask:-What fraction is shaded? Is this fraction less than half, equal to half or more than half?-What fraction is not shaded?-Shade two-fifths-Shade or label the sectors on the circle to create a certain probability (e.g., 1/4 white, 3/4 shaded)

Blank Worksheets

There are 2 different blank worksheets that can be used for any purpose. If you print these mental math worksheets you have the opportunity to ask 100 questions using a single sheet of paper; and therefore, conserving paper.

More will be added for Area, Perimeter, Fraction and Probability.

Basically, the mental math sheets can be used for any purpose and ideally, I would have the students go to their seats after entry and get ready for mental math. As I pose the questions, I write them down on my master sheet. I ask the students to pass their sheets clockwise and mark each other's work as I take it up. After marking I ask the person who marked the test to discuss mistakes and help each other understand the concepts. I occasionally award group points for collaboration of this kind. Since both students are in the same group, they don't mind helping others or being helped by others as the points will go to the group instead of the individual. Students are also asked to review the previous questions before the quiz as some questions will repeat throughout the week. The students are allowed to look at the previous days' question during the test. This will allow students to learn from their previous mistakes.

Special Features:

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