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Number Bonds - (This is Bond, Games Bond!!!)

10, Less or More (Sorting Sums) - Beginner Level

100, Less or More (Sorting Sums) - Advanced Level

© R. Mirshahi


  • Choose the Number Bond activity by clicking either the 10, or the 100 button. In the next window, watch the many examples to learn how this game works. Click "Play" to start the game and sort the sums. Drag and drop the additions onto the correct targets. Is the sum less than, equal to, or greater than the target? You lose a point for each mistake and you are not allowed to make more than 20 mistakes in the Target 10 game and 30 mistakes in the Target 100 games. Each time you make a mistake, X marks appear on the targets where the sums do not belong. You need to score 50 points to win the target 10 game and 100 points to win the target 100 game. You have 5 minutes to finish each game.

The Number Bond game is a mental mathematics exercise. Here Owen is demonstrating his mental mathematics skills. Published with permission from his father.

Playing the Number Bonds game during indoor recess on an interactive whiteboard.

Playing with a partner.

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

This is a great game that covers the following concepts:
  • sorting
  • addition
  • number bonds to 10 or 100 (number pairs that add to 10 or 100)
  • equality and inequality (sums that are equal to, less than, greater than 10 or 100)
  • estimation and rounding (It is not necessary to know the exact answer to determine if a sum is less than or greater than 10 or 100)

The following resource can be used to help the students practise their skills when adding several numbers by combining 2 or more numbers to create round sums (e.g., 4+6 is 10; 28+2=30; therefore, 4+6+28+2= 40)

Special Features:

  • full screen
  • animation showing many examples as how the sums are sorted
  • timer (5 minutes maximum time)
  • assessment features (shows scoreboard, number of correct and incorrect attempts and the amount of time used for each game)
  • questions are completely randomized (NO 2 games will ever be exactly the same!)
  • works very well with Interactive Whiteboards

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