These are links to resources on other websites such as Arcademic Skillbuilders, Khan Academy and Math Playground websites.


Number Sense (Calculations)

Multiplication Race:

Multiplication Basic Facts Practice

Multiplication (2-digit x 1-digit)

Function Machine (Input - Output)

Fractions (Comparing Fractions)

Problem Solving (Model and Solve Problems with Thinking Blocks)


Geo Board (Area and Perimeter, etc.)

Geo Board (Circular Board)

Pattern Blocks


Mass Balance Scale (find the heaviest object)

Measuring Angles Protractor

Giraffe Dash (Telling Time)

Patterning and Algebra

Great Resource (Linear, Quadratic Equations, Moving Point, More)

Pattern Blocks

Function Machine (Input - Output)

Algebra Balance Scale (requires Java)

Probability and Data Management

Spinner (Probability)

Classic Games

Math Man like Pac Man

Tetris Like Game 3 in 1

Connect 4 in a Row

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials (High school math) Khan Academy


Furious Frogs (Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homonyms)

Spelling Bee (spell words to make a hive)

Word Invasion (Parts of Speech)

Turtle Dash (Vowel Game)

Verb Viper (Subject-Verb Agreement)

Best Websites for Interactive or Self Paced Learning:

Ambleside C.E. Primary School Interactive Math

http://interactivesites.weebly.com Interactive Learning Sites for Education

Virtual Manipulative Site k-8 site with virtual math manipulatives

Maths Dictionary for Kids A great reference.

Khan Academy (Sharpen your math skills and more. This site contains many wonderful video tutorials. High school math made easy!)

Math Playground (Play games and learn math at the same time. Great collection of math games)
Arcademic Skill Builders (Great site for multi-player, online games.)

MyAlgebra (A great place to solve YOUR algebra problems!)

ABCYA K-5 Resources

Starfall Great interactive resource that fosters development of early learning skills (e.g., phonics) for young learners and other with special needs.