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Pictograph Data Generator

© R. Mirshahi


  • Click Start. Choose a key depending on the range of values you want to work with. Observe the values on the table. Click on the cells on the pictograph to reveal pictures and build the graph. You have the option of full or half picture. The happy face picture represents people. For pictographs that require different pictures you can print out the blank graph and draw in the pictures. You can type in the title or the amounts ONLY when you are not in full screen mode. When you choose 1000, you have to round the values to the nearest 500. This a great estimation exercise!
1250-1749 rounds to 1500,
1750-2249 rounds to 2000,
2250-2749 rounds to 2500, etc.

If you choose a key other than 1000, the values are pre-rounded for you.

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

  • This is really useful for teaching graphing.

Special Features:

  • full screen (When typing you cannot be in full screen) but you can switch back and forth as you please).
  • 8 different keys to choose from
  • generate values within each range (key)
  • hide/show values (click eye button) if you want to assign the values yourself for teaching or using first-hand data. Type in the values.
  • use the pen to annotate (great for IWB)
  • Print option (if you use Chrome you can save as PDF)

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