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Piggy Bank Coin Calculator

© R. Mirshahi


  • Save Your Money. Drag and drop the coins into the piggy bank and watch your savings grow (one coin at a time)! Click the buttons on the right to withdraw (take out) money from your account. Be careful not to withdraw more money than you have or you will be in big trouble!

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

  • give the students a target to reach (e.g., $3.76) and find the fastest way to save that much using the fewest number of coins.
  • This also works in reverse. The fastest way to spend all or some of your money (reach $0 or a lower balance) without overdrawing.
  • drag the piggy bank and place it over the balance. Deposit or withdraw money and ask the students what the new balance should be.
  • drag the piggy bank closer to a certain coin to make the repetitive deposits easier (e.g., use coins to teach patterning - counting by 5, 10, 25)
  • use both the deposit and withdraw options to reach a certain balance the fastest (e.g., $9.98: deposit 5 toonies and withdraw 2 pennies)
Students can be asked to record their ideas before they test them out so that they can revisit their steps. The deposit and withdraw exercises boost number sense in kids (composing and decomposing numbers).
This can be used in class (using an IWB), the computer lab, or at home and with any Flash enabled Tablet.

Special Features:

  • Full-screen
  • excellent coin graphics
  • simple and versatile

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