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Canadian Coins

© R. Mirshahi


  • This is a simple resource that can be used to study Canadian money. Drag and drop as many coins on the stage and use different strategies to count the money you have. Use a cool multi-coloured pen to annotate.

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

  • Ask students to draw a line in the middle of the page and drag and drop coins to the right and left of the line to show 35 cents 2 different ways.
  • Ask the students to divide the space into 4 quadrants. Start with $1, $2 or a larger amount in the first quadrant. This will be the money the student has. Then ask the students to put a smaller amount of money (e.g., 73 cents) in the second quadrant. In the third quadrant the students have to show how much change they will receive. Finally, ask the students to switch places and check each other's answers.

Special Features:

  • Excellent coin graphics
  • a cool multi-coloured "gel pen"

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