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Interactive Resource 1:

Make a Game:

Interactive Resource 2:

Game Version 1 with a 100 chart

Interactive Resource 3:

Game Version 2

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  • Click the top button on the tool bar to cycle through the choices for your spinner, label the sectors, and spin several times and record the results on the tally chart.

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

Resource 1:

  • This is a versatile spinner for studying probability. The spinner starts with an undivided face. You can either divide the spinner yourself using the straight line tool or you can choose from a set of spinners that are equally divided into 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and 12 parts. You can use the straight line tool to subdivide any part into smaller parts. Label your spinner with the freehand draw tool to create a desired probability. Test it to see if the results match your predictions. Explore fair and unfair spinners. This resource is extremely versatile because it allows you to choose and create a wide variety of probability experiments and games. Use this spinner frequently in class for when you are looking for a fair way to pick one of several student generated choices. You can also quickly create a game (e.g., First Student to reach $1 wins: 1:8 Bankrupt, 1:8 Free Spin, 1:8 Lose a Turn, 1:8 a quarter, 1:8 dime, 1:8 nickel, 2:8 penny).
  • You can use this spinner also to study fractions and circle graphs and the connection of these concepts to Spinners and probability. For example, the different sectors in this spinner will create the following probabilities.
Spinner and Fractions.png

Resource 2:

Use the second resource to make your own game. Drag the letters or other stickers to label the spinner. Decide on rules for your game. Play the game with your friends and modify the game to make it more interesting. You can print this game and play it off-line using a paper clip as the pointer. Below is a screenshot of a simple example. Students can use a hundred chart and playing pieces to track their scores.

Probab Spinner.jpg

Special Features:

  • full screen
  • choose from a variety of spinners or make your own spinner
  • annotation
  • Great for interactive whiteboards and Flash enabled tablets

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