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Tangram Puzzle

© R. Mirshahi


  • The program randomly loads one of several Tangram activities for you to solve. You may click the "choose" button to select from a variety of other Tangram activities. You have to turn some pieces to make them fit. Make sure you use the right number of pieces and do NOT overlap the pieces. You will notice a turn button, radius, and turn point on the pieces when you start an activity. These are to help you visualize the rotation. You can hide and reveal the turn feature by clicking the Tangram pieces.

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

  • Tangram puzzles are great for studying 2D geometry and improving the spacial sense in students. This resource can be used to show the concepts of Slide and Turn (Motion Geometry). After solving the puzzles, make your own Tangram puzzles in the free activity page. To give the end result a continuous feel, the coloured tans turn black when clicked or moved in the free activity page.

Special Features:

  • Full screen
  • random selection or choose the puzzle you like
  • Semitransparent puzzle pieces
  • The piece you are working with will come to the front (highest level or depth above all other pieces). This way, your piece will never hide behind another piece.
  • Tablet friendly
  • Interesting graphics

Other Related Modules and Useful Links:

You'll love Bitstrips to bits! Comics and Math form a great marriage!
You can design activities in Bitstrips for Schools and have the students work on the activities. In these particular activities, students worked on Tangram puzzles that were embedded within a comic. They either create the entire puzzle themselves or work on the ones created by the teacher or other students and after solving the puzzle, they change the characters, the speech bubbles and the "environment".
The comics were made in Bitstrips: http://www.bitstripsforschools.com/