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Virtual Fridge Magnets: Letters and Numbers

1. Fridge Magnets Plus Drawing and Print Option

© R. Mirshahi

2. Simple Fridge Magnets

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  • Here is a set of virtual Fridge magnets (letters and digits). You can drag as many copies of the letters and digits as you want. You can also paint using three different brushes (heart, star, bubble). Draw by clicking the "pencil" button first and then choosing the colour or thickness of your line. You can also make your lines semi-transparent.

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

  • Rearrange the letters and digits to make words and numbers as well as do other literacy activities (e.g., unscrambling, "Making Words") .
  • Put three different digits (e.g., 1, 3, 8) on the board. Ask "How many different 3-digit numbers can you make with these digits?"

Special Features:

  • Full screen
  • colourful, easily readable font for the virtual fridge magnets (letters and numbers)
  • prints (automatically pre-set to print on 1 page)
  • fancy brushes
  • drawing (annotation)

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