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Whoever You Are

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1-Click “Allow” to use webcam, 2-Click capture button to take the pictures , 3-Drag your pictures to where they need to be on the page, 4-You can type in the given textboxes if needed, 5-You can use the pen tool to draw anything you like or to decorate the page if you want, 6-Click the print button to print the page or save as PDF.

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

This activity is adapted from a great story by Mem Fox.

Whoever You Are

by Mem Fox

“Little one,
Whoever you are,
Wherever you are,
There are little ones just like you,
All over the world.
Their skin may be different from yours
And their homes may be different from yours;
Their schools may be different from yours
And their…”

Lesson PlanBy: Wency De Sousa

Students will learn about diversity and write about similarities and differences between people.

Read: Whoever You Are by Mem Fox

Day 1: In their table groups, students brainstormed ways in which people are similar and different.

Day 2: Students will use the webcam on the laptops to take individual photos of themselves doing something (e.g., everyone smiles the same way. Everyone takes an individual shot of themselves smiling)

Day 3: Students will take some of the photos they took to create a visual of the writing they will create. They will write three ways in which people may differ and end with but whoever you are, wherever you are, we all __ (e.g., do something the same way).

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