Wikis for Education

Wikispaces Classroom

Wikispaces is one of the most relevant resources for education. It has always offered some of the world's most dynamic and powerful tools for learning. Recently the arrival of Wikispaces Classroom has signaled another revolutionary leap towards what 21st century learning can be. In the context of education, Wikispaces Classroom is arguably one of the most powerful social media platforms today. It harnesses the power of social media to enhance collaboration and authentic learning in the classroom and beyond.

Wikispaces is all about empowerment. It will help you create a vibrant learning ecosystem for your students. Wikispaces will build and enhance capacity for you as an educator, promote your students' engagement and achievement.

Student Engagement Triangle

(adapted from “Classroom Management Q&A: Expert Strategies for Teaching”)

1) Emotional Engagement (genuine interest and excitement)

2) Behavioural Engagement (participate, contribute, follow rules, meet deadlines)

3) Cognitive Engagement (Blooms’ Taxonomy and Metacognition)

Student Engagement(c)RMirshahi.png

I would like to add a fourth element that to me is of paramount importance, especially in the age of social media and that is Social Engagement.

4) Social Engagement (focused social interactions sustain and enhance student engagement)

Student Engagement 4 linksNew.png

Classroom Management and Organization

  • gather the best resources, content, and tools from around the Internet
  • easily manage everything: activities, resources, conversations, and projects in your classroom

Project-Based and Team-Based Learning

explore real-world problems and challenges

  • inspire
  • deepen knowledge

Wikispaces Classroom provides a simple structure that allows you to:

  • Create and assign projects
  • share resources
  • Define teams
  • Facilitate student learning (foster discussion and collaboration)
  • monitor
  • intervene and remediate
  • motivate
  • challenge (provide enrichment)

Social Networking


  • Students
  • Parents
  • Educators
  • Other Community Partners

Anyone who can make a positive contribution is enabled to work, communicate, and share at the times and places that make most sense for them.

  • safe
  • focused and goal oriented
  • empowering
  • respectful (valuing what each person can bring to the table)
  • manageable

Build Collaborative Knowledge-Based Communities

You build the capacity of every student and of your entire institution to contribute, learn, and achieve.

  • Professional Development resources
  • Curriculum development groups
  • Student-built content

informal knowledge -----> formal resources

Online and Remote Learning

  • Open concept Classrooms vs. Open Concept Learning
  • The classroom is wherever and whenever you are! ‍
  • Empower the students to tap into their enthusiasm and be inspired by those of other learners to increase engagement to broaden the reach and effectiveness of your class.‍

online presence for your classroom,

  • students groups
  • parent teacher association
  • faculty groups

It is Easy to Build Your Own Wikispaces Classroom:

If you and your students are familiar with Wikispaces, the transition to Classroom is incredibly effortless. Wikispaces Classroom is ideal for Project-based learning. You can create projects and manage them with ease. You can assign or unassign members easily and assess the progress of individual students as well as different groups. The following screen capture shows how easily members were assigned to a single project (in this case class projects).


As an educator, it is still within your control to decide how private or public you want the project to be. This makes Wikispaces uniquely versatile when it comes to privacy.

PowerPoint (double-click below or right-click ---> save target as):

What is a wiki and what can I do with it?

A wiki is a web 2.0 tool with many applications in education. It can be described as a dynamic and highly interactive website. Wiki pages enable visitors or members to contribute or modify content, facilitating the creation of a powerful, collaborative online community. Wikis can become a repository of resources for everyone, including those with special needs. Multimedia based, interactive resources (lessons, games, tests, video tutorials, etc.) can be posted on a wiki to support all learners and educators in any area of the curriculum.

There are many wiki providers out there. Wikispaces offers k-12 educators all of the features of their Plus plan for free. With these wikis you can:

  • - create as many pages as you want
  • - have unlimited usage with almost no downtime
  • - share text, images, files, as well as embed media from other sites (YouTube, Scribd, etc.)
  • - make your wiki open or private. You decide who can see your wiki and who can edit the pages. You can also lock and unlock your wiki pages.
  • - create up to 100 student accounts at a time (no student emails are necessary).
  • - select from many wiki themes, colours and logos to customize the look of your wiki.

Where can I learn more about how to use a wiki in education?

Here is a clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial on wikis in education.

Here is a wiki list with examples, and links to other resources:

This is an example of a wiki-based school website.

How do I start a free k-12 educational wiki?

Visit the site below. It’s fast, easy and free!

View this video to find out how easy it is to create your own wiki.


Many thanks to Wikispaces for making this website possible.