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Adaptations of Animals and Plants

Adaptations by rmirshahi

© R. Mirshahi


  • This is a Scribd e-book about adaptations. Living things need to adapt to their environment to survive. All animals and plants have special adaptations to help them succeed. To survive, animals and plants need to find food and water and they need to reproduce. Some animals may look for or build their own home or shelter. Animals also have to avoid being eaten by predators. They also compete with other animals for food, water and when they need to find a mate. Find out more by reading the e-book above.

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

  • This book is based on three resources in the Find Out and Write About series by Crick Software.

Special Features:

  • The book can be viewed as a flip book, slideshow, or by scrolling. You can view it full screen and print it if you like.

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