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Addition Game Practice and Test

1- One-Digit Addition

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2- Adding 3 One-Digit Numbers

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3- Adding Two-Digit Numbers

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4- Adding Three-Digit Numbers

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5- Adding Four to Six-Digit Numbers

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6- Adding Decimal Numbers

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  • The collection of programs above generate random addition questions. In the 5 minutes that you have, solve as many problems as you can. Each time you answer a question correctly, you earn a point. You can peek at the answer by clicking the "eye" button, but this would cost you a point that you get back when you click the right answer. The Reveal feature was added mainly for practice purposes, when you need to check your answers and strategies before making a selection. The annotation feature was added to help students and teachers show their work and model problem solving strategies right on the page. Test your skills and practise to improve your personal high score! The first answer is given (arrow points to it). All programs can be used as either practice or test and they generate randomized questions and answers! No two tests will be the same. When used properly, they are proven to improve number sense and computational skills in students. More resources will be added.

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

  • This resource is great for enhancing students' number sense and addition skills. Discuss strategies commonly used to solve simple addition problems. This resource can also be used to improve mental math strategies and speed of basic computations. Initial trials show great promise with all students deepening their understanding of operations and sharpening their skills everyday.

Special Features:

  • full screen
  • stopwatch (5 min)
  • many different questions to solve (completely randomized)
  • annotation to show strategies
  • works very well with Interactive Whiteboards

Other Related Modules and Useful Links:

  • Subtraction Game Practice and Test1- Subtraction: Level 1
    2- Subtraction: Level 2 (2-Digit Numbers)
    3- Subtraction: Level 3 (3-Digit Numbers)
    4- Subtraction: Level 4 (4 to 6-Digit Numbers)
    5- Subtracting Decimal Numbers

Equation Builder is an algebra resource and it is set up the same way as Addition Resources on this page, but they involve different operations on both sides of an equation with a missing number. Here are the collection of resources in Equation Builder :

1- Addition on Both Sides (Mostly Single Digits and Visualized on a scale)
2- Addition on Both Sides (Most Questions Involve at least one 2-Digit Number)
3- Addition and Subtraction
4- Multiplication and Addition
5- Division Only
6- Addition of Integers
7- Addition and Subtraction of Integers
8- Multiplication and Addition of Integers
9- Division of Integers
10- Compare Numbers: What's the difference? (Visualized on a scale):
11- Equalize Inequalities!!! (Visualized on a scale)