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A.Maze.ing Maze Machine! | Instructions: | Suggested Lessons or Activities: | Printable Mazes: | Sample 1: | Sample 2: | Sample 3: | Special Features: | Other Related Modules and Useful Links:

A.Maze.ing Maze Machine!

© R. Mirshahi (the maze machine code is partly adapted from AS code by Jim Bumgardner - 2004).


  • Click the difficulty level to go to the activity. Here are the levels. Each time you click these level buttons you will get a different maze. Within each level countless different mazes can be made. Click the same button again and again to get new mazes.

  1. Easy Maze
  2. Breezy Maze
  3. Mazy Maze
  4. Dizzy Maze
  5. Crazy Maze
  6. Randomizer Maze

  • Click the pencil button to draw a path through the maze. You can erase your drawing to start over. If you want a different maze or to reset within the same level, click the level buttons on the right. Clicking a level button will generate a new maze. The Randomize button will create a unique maze of random difficulty. No 2 mazes will be the same!

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

Printable Mazes:

Here are some samples you can print out to solve on paper. I am working on a Super Maze that would print on many pages that you can laminate (if you want it to be reusable) and post on a long wall (e.g., in a gym) for a group of kids to solve.

Sample 1:

10 Mazes Different Levels (2 per page)

Sample 2:

4 pages "Crazy Maze" Level in PDF ready and formatted to print on regular paper (letter: 8.5x11)

Sample 3:

Super Maze 01 (3-in-1 Crazy Maze)

PNG format
Maze 01 Distort.png

Special Features:

  • Create and solve new mazes. Countless different mazes can be made with this program.
  • full screen
  • use the pencil tool and draw on top of the maze to show the path
  • printable

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