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Measuring and Estimating Angles (Practice and Test) | Instructions: | Suggested Lessons or Activities: | Special Features: | Other Related Modules and Useful Links:
Updated and resolved the issue regarding mislabelling angles less than 10 degrees.

Measuring and Estimating Angles (Practice and Test)

1. Timed Practice or Test (5 Minutes)

2. Practice Measuring and Estimating

© R. Mirshahi

© R. Mirshahi


1. Timed Practice or Test (5 Minutes):
Click Start. Click protractor button and use the protractor to measure the angle. You can annotate right on the page. Click the correct answer. Questions are randomly loaded. No 2 tests will ever be the same!

2.Practice Measuring and Estimating:
Click the angle button to make new angles at random. You will see the angle's measurement at the top of the page and find out if it is an acute, right, obtuse or straight angle. You can hide the measurements by clicking the "eye" and click the protractor button to measure the angles and check your answers (test yourself). You can also estimate the angles and see how close you are. Click the eye again to reveal the answers.

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

  • This is a good resource for estimating and measuring angles.
  • Determine complementary angles for acute angles to make them add up to 90 degrees (a right angle). Determine supplementary angles for obtuse angles to make them add up to 180 degrees (a straight angle). This is easily done with the bidirectional protractor that allows you to measure the shown angle and its supplementary angle.

  • In the second Practice resource, if you click the reset button, the Main Activities Resource is loaded here. If you are looking for details and specific instructions and lesson ideas about the other activities, you need to go to the pages where these resources are housed.
  1. Line Maker
  2. Rectangle Maker
  3. Triangle Maker
  4. Draw and Measure Lines and Angles
  5. Linear Measurement Test 20 Questions

Special Features:

  • random angle maker
  • automatic measurements of angles
  • ability to hide and reveal answers
  • ability to annotate as well as make angles manually
  • fully functional protractor (slide, turn, click the button to show or hide and reset correctly over the angle)
  • full screen

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