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Animations, Comics and Word Clouds
Comics & Multiplication Rhymes
This is a large collection of student work samples. Open PDF file below to see the collection:

Create a world of incredible comic adventure!

Enter that world, join forces with comic characters, help save the earth, solve mysteries, fight against evil, go on a treasure hunt, travel to places where no one has set foot before, discuss real world issues, teach a lesson, ...

The only limit is your own imagination!


Using Bitstrips Comics for Animation

Creating mouth movements to simulate speech.
Mouth shapes corresponding to units of sound (phonemes) are called visemes. Often a few phonemes correspond to a single viseme, because they look
very similar on the face, such as the f and v sound. In animation, you can make your character lip synch to the recorded speech. Unless automated, this
is a very tedious and time-consuming task.

Creating facial expressions in Bitstrips.
In Bitstrips you can create all kinds of facial expressions corresponding to different emotions.


2. Instructions for creating a dance cycle:

- Dance Animation

Bitstrips "Gangnam Style"

Dance Competition "Gangnam Style"
Each character was made by a different student.

- Stay Active!

© R. Mirshahi

To make these animations, students need to understand the concept of "cycles" in animation. For example, many things in the world are cyclical in nature. Animators can use this fact to make their work easier. When trying to create a dog's "run cycle", the animator can draw only a few snapshots to represent this cycle and insert them in a reusable movie clip symbol in Flash or another animation program. The following picture shows how Bitstrips was used to make 7 snapshots in the dog run cycle. What makes Bitstrips truly wonderful is the ability for the students to create these without actually knowing how to draw. These animated movie clip symbols can be collected and saved in a single library (gallery) and used by different students to create a short animation with a story such as the one above or below.

7-Frame Dog Run Cycle

Posed in Bitstrips

7-Frame Human Run Cycle

This human run cycle was drawn in Flash, but it can easily be done in Bitstrips .
To simplify animations for beginners you can pick 4 frames out of the 7 frames to do and it will still look fine but not as smooth.
In fact, this was the method used to make the girl in the Stay Active! animation above.

- Track and Field

Bitstrips Comics were used to make these animated "characters".

Word Clouds and Word Cloud Animations

You can use words, numbers, symbols or a combination of them to make your "word cloud" in Tagxedo. Here are some samples:

Maple Leaf
Number 72
No Smoking
Tree of Life
Day of Pink

- Prowling in the Woods

A picture is worth a thousand words they say. This animation is made with thousands of words in the shape of "word clouds". The word "Timberbank" has been used to create the shape of the trees, moon, and the wolf animations. It is possible to create a detailed image or animation entirely made of word clouds. This is just a small sample. Click the play button to see the animation. The animation loops after that. There are endless possibilities when creating word cloud animations. These are some suggestions:
  • Using political leaders of the past or present with words inside characterizing their views, etc.
  • An alphabet book where each picture is made from words that start with the same letter ('A' words making the shape of an apple)
  • Creating a big city's skyline
  • Making a short TV commercial or an on-line ad
More examples of word cloud animations will be shared in the future.
Tagxedo is a phenomenal program that allows you to make stunning word clouds with any words and shapes!

Short Animations, Strong Messages

Animation can be hard and time consuming; however, students love to express their ideas and thoughts using this medium. The trick is how to tell a story or express a thought in a very short clip. The following are short animation clips, only a few seconds long, but they encapsulate big ideas and that's what makes them special.

- Be Different

by Safi

- Chase Your Dreams

by Lisa