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A bridge is a type of structure that is built to allow passage over a gap or physical barrier like a river, road or valley.

These are some bridge types:
  • Beam Bridge: Beam bridges are the most common type of bridges we found around us. A fallen tree over a stream is a natural beam bridge.

  • Truss Bridge: A truss bridge uses triangles in their structures. Different bridge types (e.g., beam bridges, arch bridges, and cantilever bridges) can also use trusses in the structures. Triangles are rigid shapes and their use make structures stronger.

  • Cantilever Bridge: Cantilever bridges are made from beams supported on one side only.

  • Arch Bridge: An arch or curve in a structure can be used to spread the force from the middle to the ends of the arch where they are well supported.

  • Suspension Bridge: A suspension bridge is a type of hanging bridge that is supported by vertical suspension cables that are attached to a main cable that are connected to the towers.

  • Cable-Stayed Bridge: A cable-stayed bridge is also a hanging bridge which has one or more towers from which cables fan out diagonally to connect directly to its deck.

Use the video and image searches below as well as the articles to learn about bridges. Can you design a bridge using recycled materials found at home and school?

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