Let's Celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday!

Please feel free to use these high resolution designs to celebrate Canada 150 (Only for non-commercial purposes). You can print them on t-shirts, mugs, bags, etc. using any printing service (e.g., VistaPrint). Some of these designs were created by students.
Click the thumbnails below to view and download the high-resolution images.

Canada 150 large word cloud final thumbnail 01.png
canada 150 centre design Light thumbnail.png
Canada 150 leaf r thumbnail.png
Canada 150 simple thumbnail.png

Canada 150 number cloud thumbnail.PNG
Jason Dove Cloud thumbnail.PNG
Marcus 150 thumbnail.PNG
Fahad 150 thumbnail.PNG
Canada 150 B thumbnail.PNG
Lucas Moose thumbnail .PNG
Canada 150 Iceburg True North thumbnail .PNG
Nikkol canada 150 thumbnail.PNG

This Flag is a "cloud" consisting of the word "Canada" and the heart symbol. The size, font, colour, and orientation of the individual words and symbols vary greatly. The variation symbolizes the diversity of Canadians who share a love for this country. The wavy design portrays movement, growth and vibrancy. It also shows a flexibility to change and develop with time and the willingness to accommodate the voices, needs and aspirations of all Canadians.

Canadian_Flag_ Twirl1.png

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