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Circle of Friends-Webcam Use

© R. Mirshahi


  • This is a simple activity to do at the beginning of school year to help students learn about each other.

1-Click “Allow” to use webcam, 2-Click capture button to take your own picture, 3-Drag your picture to the middle of the page, 4-Take your friends’ pictures and put them around yours, 5-Type a short description for everybody in the given textboxes, 6-Use the pen tool to draw anything you like or to decorate the page, 7-Click the print button to print the page or save as PDF.

Suggested Lessons or Activities:

  • This is good for beginning of the year when students are getting to know each other.

Special Features:

  • webcam use
  • moveable textboxes (use the top bar to drag the textboxes if necessary)
  • annotation

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